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  Like many successful businesses, Baby Look & LearnTM was started by individuals right from their own home.  Having traded her briefcase for a diaper bag after the birth of her and husband's Bob's second child, Stacy Adduci wanted to create educational opportunities for her two boys.  She knew that activities such as reading to them as well as simple games involving visual stimuli were time-proven methods to do just that.

As any mother attempting to care for two toddlers can readily attest, teaching and entertaining duties often give way to more mundane tasks.  There had to be a way to provide learning experiences for the children without having to be directly involved every minute.  One day while cleaning, Stacy observed that her children were mesmerized when certain types of scenes appeared on the TV screen in the living room.  She said, "At one point, I stopped what I was doing and

I began to look at the spinning balls and swirling lights and it almost put me into a trance!--this is really not what I wanted for my kids."  On the other hand, she noticed some nature programs intrigued the children.  "The kids were attracted not only to visuals, but to the natural sound that accompanied them," Stacy remarked.  "They would continue to play while intermittently watching the screen."

Wouldn't it be nice if...

That evening she discussed the children's remarkable behavior with her husband.  During the discussion she remarked that it would be nice if there were more programs available that were designed to both stimulate the children intellectually and also calm them and hold their attention.

"Why can’t we bring nature indoors?" they thought.  "Maybe we can even set it to music to make it a nice relaxing background video for the kids when they do have to play inside."

Soon after that evening, they began researching the subject, Bob and Stacy realized that there was nothing on the market of this nature designed for children.

A momentous decision

"Why don't we do it!" Bob remarked.  With his background in video production and Stacy's interest in music the essentials were there.  They formed a company called Baby Look & LearnTM " and they were on their way.

A short time later, using video footage from their trips to Aruba and Hawaii, enough material was gathered to produce the first in the ‘At Home With Nature’ series entitled "Seaside Symphonies."




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