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Baby Look & LearnTM

Proudly Presents...


"At Home With Nature"



series of video and audio products designed to expose your child to the wonders of nature and music.



Baby Look & LearnTM is becoming the most respected name in audio/visual products for infants.  Developed by a team of video and music professionals with children of their own, Baby Look & LearnTM has released its first in a series of products meant to stimulate intellectual development in babies

"Seaside Symphonies"  combines the stunning visual and aural wonders of the natural world augmented by a beautiful soundtrack comprised of music from the worlds' greatest classical composers.








      Parents who have utilized the beautifully produced video with its gorgeous classical soundtrack have witnessed amazing results after only a few weeks.  They remark that their babies are calmer and more aware of their surroundings.

Research has proven that infants who are exposed to the intellectually stimulating and physically calming effects of classical music show a developmental advantage over those who are not exposed to this type of stimulus.



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