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Finally, a program designed specifically to capture the attention of your child.


Seaside Symphonies


  • Soothing ocean waves.
  • Stunning ocean-side footage.
  • Stimulating classical music.

The soothing and relaxing Seaside Symphonies  video features a wonderful video montage of ocean sites and sounds,  Filmed by AV Digital on location in such exotic locales as Aruba and Hawaii,  this 30-minute professionally produced program is set to the stimulating classical music of

Seaside Symphonies

Audio CD


For times that a television is unavailable or you are traveling in your car, the Seaside Symphonies Audio CD is ideal.  With the stimulating music from the classical music genre coupled with the soothing natural sound of ocean waves, this CD will allow your baby to enjoy benefits of the program virtually anytime...                                 anywhere!

some of the world's most renowned composers.  This video was designed to produce a calming environment, at the same time, provide an intellectually stimulating experience for your child.  



Listen to the Classical Music & Ocean Sounds


Look at Nature's beauty!



It all adds up...

What does listening to classical music do?
Research studies have shown the use of classical music may stimulate your child's spatial reasoning and cognitive development. This has also been termed the Mozart Effect, as early as 1950.


What effect does ocean waves have?
It is also when known how repetitive motion and sound, such as ocean waves, can have a very calming and relaxing effect on babies, as well as adults!


Combining these two features...
Combining classical music and ocean waves, can be a tremendous tool that you can use to calm a colic infant, or use as background video to incorporate into your child's constructive play. Now as your child listens to the stimulating classical works, he/she can view the breathtaking natural wonders of our world--from the jagged shores of Aruba to the exotic beauty of Hawaii!


Expose your children to the wonders of nature and music!

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